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Bacterial Flagellum - Evolution's Nightmare & Demise 03.09.2012 Bacterial Flagellum - Evolution's Nightmare & Demise
About the Bacterial Flagellum video and more:
More at http://www.detectingdesign.com
Detailed response to Nick Matzke's proposition on the bacterial flagellum:
Another video (unrelated to the flagellum but very impressive):
-Evolutionist claim that all of life's features (example: the bacterial flagellum) can be explained by the purely material process described in their theory - accidental mutations sorted by natural selection. However, Intelligent Design (ID) theory makes the claim that certain features exist in the universe (including features of life) that are BEST explained by an intelligent cause (ie. a cause with a goal or purpose - ergo originating from a mind). With the scientific hypothesis of intelligent causation, and the objective explanatory filter developed by Dr William Dembski - http://www.uncommondescent.com - ID theory has quickly & firmly established itself as the "official" headache for the most ardent evolutionists today. Those that are informed know what is at stake, and that the explanatory power of the intelligent design theory is effectively guaranteed to supplant a purely materialist theory of evolution in time. This can be seen in how ID has reached a type of critical mass of acceptance - wherewith about a hundred classes are already taught in various universities (including the Ivy league). Classes whcih challenge purely materialistic thinking and more critically analyze the theory of evolution. The growth will continue as more objective & open minded scientists & students eager to explore better explanations continue to pursue better science.

Dr Michael Behe (author of "Darwins Black Box" & proponent of ID) popularized the term *irreducible complexity* to describe features in life which are complex and yet their function can not be reduced without destroying the primary function and usefulness of the system/function to the host organism. In the case seen in the video, the bacteruial flagellum has approximately 40 finely matched protein parts that must all be in place for the bacterial flagellum (w/ motor) to work. Furthermore, the assembly process of this motor is one of the key overlooked aspects of the problem of this systems development - ie. even the assembly program/process is arguably irreducibly complex. So, not only does a bacteria need to have the DNA coded for the correct proteins, the whole cell has to 'know' WHERE to put each protein part and WHEN to put it there. This is an astronomically improbable task to acheive through random fortuitous increases in instruction sequences (which to this day remains purely hypothetical - ie. imaginary) and parts specifications - consider the relative size of the cell surface area to the size of the bacterial flagellum and the chances each molecular part will assemble in the correct location & with the correct timing for assembly. So, the whole machine and the ORDER or sequence of system assembly is critical to success! If the whole universe were a fishbowl like earth's oceans - except fully teeming with bacteria - for 15 billion years, there would still be insufficient probablistic resources to accomplish the feat of builindg up such a comparable system even once. It's no wonder that ID theory is so satisfying to the many open minded scientist it has attracted.

Unfortunately, most evolutionist oppose this theory based strictly on materialistic beliefs. And this is a true detriment to real science. They stubbornly maintain their faith in natural selection - listen to Richard Dawkins - note especially the last words in the following video:

[Excerpt - In exressing why natural selection is believed to find creative designs/solutions to all these kinds of intermediate problems]: "Natural selection is uhmmm..uhhh.. well, I suppose that is a sort of matter of faith on my part." - Richard Dawkins

If never before, you have now found that faith is a absolute neccessity and type of trade-secret of even the most outspoken of evolutionist. So, don't be their fool when they say evolution is a scientific fact. It's almost assured, in my opinion, that future generations will find it hard to believe that people ever accepted the theoy of evolution with the information we have at our disposal. Recent breakthroughs in accelerated protein folding algorithms will, I believe likely, lead to some very uncomforting news for adherents of evolutionary theory - news that could bring that described future closer to our doorsteps - and evolutionists fade into the history books as the mystics of these days... stay tuned. :)





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